by J.M.V.D. Kieft

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this is a concept album about meandering.... and also i have omni-elemental powers that allow me to travel sideways through time

basically i'm being as SELF INDULGENT AS (whateverIam)LY POSSIBLY and the recurring theme is that i went crazy.....

.....then while i was crazy i tried to start my own anti-Gnostic, anti-realism pandeism cult based on reverence for all things because the human created concept of morality is a byproduct of reverence and lack of reverence leads to amoral and immoral attitudes towards the non-revered,
and the monad-godhead which is within all things making all things divine has no place in everyday life since 1) the true god is so omnipotent and sublime and above all understanding that it would be hubris to even claim to know its true form or communicate with the primordial source of all things and 2) our consciousness level creates the "perceivable universe" as a hologram and we can only understand up to a certain point never being exceeding it MAKING UP MOST INFORMATION AS WE GO, meaning we constantly stare blindly into the face of god every moment and interpret it incorrectly as space and time and matter .we can only live our lives and dream our dreams, and all beings claiming to be a worship worthy god-being are obviously fake since a god within a god is a lesser being than the true god and no more worthy of praise than anything else [universal egalitarianism]
and the soul works kind of like the Polynesian concept of mana and its kind of impersonal and collective. people leave behind their own soul residue in all things they contact, and anyone that touches said things is under the psychic control of the first person to physically touch the object and they may develop similar personalities to them even

not only am i a one man band but i'm technically several one man bands including:
1) a stoner metal\psychobilly 1mb
2) an industrial latin freestyle italo disco 1mb
3) a mercy beat influenced progressive folk rock\jangle pop 1mb
4) an avant garde dadaist lolz i troll u [one man band]
5) a fusion fusion band(i fuse together genres that are fusions of other genres)
5) aka inventing styles of music is my style of music?????
6) a coverband of myself
7) a garage rock revival\postpunk revival\retro metal\"Retro"nB 1mb
8) a progressive rock concept album rock opera compressed into a 4 minute song 1mb
9) a reactionary anti post-grunge, anticrunk, anti hiphop-rnb, anti post-hardcore, anti indie-pop 1mb
9) aka i dont like any of the contemporary trends i grew up along side unless you count the
[#7band+ trance]
10) the worst band from this genre or the best band from that genre????????[like how poison is for 80s heavy metal(this) and 80s glam rock(that) or u2 is for alternative rock(this) and post-punk(that) ]

my singing style is a mixture of singing badly [so i avoid it] and speak singing and rapping and spoken word and aggrotech whisper screaming with effects and occasionally i will nasally growl which ranges between a sid vicious a rob zombie and a venom\amebix sound,

is this a bad album? probably? yes i am trolling you a little bit especially with the cheesier songs

stuff i listened to while writing these songs:
accept, anthrax, venom, amebix ,death, judas priest, iron maiden, ratt, def leppard, scandal(u.s.) , lady gaga, cascada, la bouche, culture beat, paul lekakis, company b, animotion, shannon, Madonna, corona, erasure, depesche mode, inxs, random aggrotech songs, random italo disco songs, random dark psy trance songs, random dubstep songs, random funk carioca\baile funk songs, random tango songs, random samba songs,random zydeco songs, random anime theme songs[both op and ed},the origional dixieland jass band and other assorted early new orleans jazz bands. , lords of acid, mc luscious, ll cool j, egyptian lover,2 live crew, major lazer, gang of four, big black, front 242, yes, rush, king crimson, hawkwind pink Floyd, "the radio" occasionally[usually cbsfm 101.1,or q1o4.3, rarely 103.5 or z100.3 for half a song] . matt nathanson,red fang, rev horton heat, queen. kraftwerk, afrikaa baambaataa, neu, napoleon xiv,the crystals, the supremes, billy joe royals, frankie ford, the zombies.the four tops, Corvus Corax, avici , majical cloudz,scott joplin, Tchaikovsky, beetoven, zorba the greek soundtrack, my fair lady soundtrack, guiles theme[because it goes with everything]


released April 2, 2014



all rights reserved


J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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