Nose bleed music

by J.M.V.D. kieft

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this is a concept album that has the recurring theme of reality and belief and its exploration, and the faults of humanity on a personal level, it has surprisingly good production compared to other output by the same artist .
i don't know what the next output by this artist will sound like but it will either be normal sounding or crazier, because this level of instability can't be stable

some of the music is trippy and stream of conscious
it does not have a traditional story line, stylistically it varies song to song ranging from RnB, to funk, to ragtime and country, to metal to goth, and post-punk, i picked out the concept or style of the songs first then tried to wite the lyrics and picked random music parts that were flowing in my mind, the setting for the story takes place in my mind, and environmentally i spent a lot of time in Manhattan,

i came up with the title as i want it to evoke discomfort, but also it can be construed as a reference to anime since there is a running gag of massive nose bleeds in certain subgenres, also i generally have a recurring theme of my music being made up of various things bleeding into one another,

its trying to be a mindscrew but instead its just a mindscrew

during this time i did try to figure what common components the music has and if i were to have a genre of music i should be type casted into, and it seams to be mostly a reaction against the mainstream, and a reaction against the underground as well, i of course can be considered to both love and hate everything depending on how you interpret me. on the one hand i love older rock but i also fell out of love with rock when it comes to newer sounding stuff, and i like retro rock as it exists. on the other hand i also love anything you can dance to, it really depends on my mood, sometimes i need to hear upbeat happiness, other times i need some dark melancholy, i don't see how anyone can just listen to the same emotion expressed through music constantly. nobody is one thing all of the time. also i cant stand wall of sound rock ballads, or "sit in your car doing nothing tempo hip hop"

to a large extent i am trying to be surreal, and the album is trippy, especially if you count it as one solid entity because the sum of the parts is kind of jarring in that it is juxtaposing numerous non-sequitors so that if it is listened to all the way though it will screw with your mind. separately each piece sounds like it doesn't belong with the rest,
some things may sound rushed but it is part of the concept for the album, and i am disregarding genre boundaries, but maybe not as "EPICLY" jumbled as other stuff i have done. the concept of the grancanals of manhattan is "SCREW YOU AUDIENCE!!!!!- LISTEN TO 8 MINUTES OF RANDOM NOISE"
also i am NOT affiliated with steam-punk even though i wrote a song about my attraction to steam punk fashion on women in an ultra-campy anachronistic style of music, its a complete coincidence that i'm from an alternate reality in which the Victorian era lasted an extra 30 years and had advanced steam based technology such as analog computers (that was a joke) but i also wrote songs about time travel, and inter-dimensional travel and played anachronistic music, so i do have enough songs to put out a steam punk e.p. but i could also put out a metal album(a super bizarre variant but still)

i like to note some of the music i was listening to to give a false hint at what was going trough my mind, since it is very easy to put stuff in that i had not thought about for years, and based on this mixture it should come out sounding a different way,

music i was listening to while i was writing(as far as i can recall) : the 4 tops, the isley brothers, jimi hendrix, the beatles, fine young cannibals, volbeat, white lies, wilson picket, gladys knight and the pips, the temptations, love and rockets, sisters of mercy, the chameleons, tool, foreigner, david bowie, lords of acid, nicki minaj, 2 chains, black eyed peas, Micheal Jackson, mungo jerry, chicago, sly and the family stone, willie nelson, leon russell, stevie wonder, gang of four, war, p-funk, earth wind and fire, rick james, bad brains, 24\7 spies, kings x, type o negative, joy division, red hot chili peppers, la bousche, culture beat, galnaryus, retro video game music., traffic, steve winwood, queen, nazereth, anime theme songs, ritualz, what ever radio dj eddie trunk plays, throbbing gristle, front line assembly, bassnectar, johnny burnette, siouxsie and the banshees, alien sex fiend, muze, giant squid, tesseract, gandalf, the statler brothers, jimmy soul, tommy james and the shondells, cream,the rolling stones, creedence clearwater revival, lmfao


released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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