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this is a dark fantasy of taboo subject matter and was musically inspired by my interest in electronic music, it is an amalgamation of death rock, fake dubstep, fake witch house, darkwave, ebm, gabber, reggaeton, stoner rock, post-punk, space rock, trip-hop, miami bass, horrorpunk, crust punk, deathgrind, I like to think of it as music to scare away demons the way halloween masks and gargoyes and scarecrows have done in folklore. its like a collection of short stories and instrumental pieces. it could only be as good as i am in production skills on my own at this point in time, otherwize it would have had real dubstep instead of lo fi fauxstep. the main philosophy is anti-pop, I stick my toungue out at you and hope that the music makes you uncomfortable

songs with the best production: gothic lunge; ice cream in summer; taraak and mejere, dr gropenstein

songs with the worst production: o, the music of apathy, if you like this song you're a moron

music i was listening to while writing: random dubstep tracks(but not skrillex because i did not like his tracks), pitbull, daddy yankee, black eyed peas, lords of acid, amebix, electric wizard, combchrist, spk, throbbing grislte, christian death, cruxshadows, dir en grey, songs from anime shows[by bands such as high and mighty color, maximum the hormone,l'arc en ceil, nana kitade, thyme, the pillows, aya hirano, seira kagami], siouxsie and the banshees, hocicco, misfits, rob zombie, tool, nine inch nails, radiohead, depesche mode, frank sinatra, 2 live crew,africa baambaataa, lady gaga, white lies, the cure, echo and the bunnymen, the church, pantera, dead can dance, switchblade symphony, pictureplane, salem, ritualz, saxon, loudness, def leppard, rush, britney spears, shakira, katy perry, roxxette, new order/joydivision, expose', tka, stevie b, rockell, shannon, stacy q, corona, no mercy, cuture beat, love and rockets, ladytron, peaches, alien sex fiend, cybotron, maggotron, information society, adam and the ants, dev, cobra starship


released May 4, 2012



all rights reserved


J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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