by J.M.V.D. Kieft

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liner notes

most contemporary american rock bands are a watered down generic hybrid of nirvana, alice in chains, pearljam, greenday, guns and roses, & korn, maybe fugazi or tool , and if female evanescence.

I am a watered down generic hybrid of the beatles, the clash, queen, the cure, the doors , & pinkfloyd, maybe rob zombie or the b52s, and if female sarah maclachlain.

so instead of of listening to a man in the box with tourettes who's still alive and a basket case from paradise city with a freak on a leash in the waiting room to be sober so he can call you when hes sober,
your a fool on the hill in the hanging garden on planet claire waiting for the sun so you can set controls to the heart of the sun while listening to radio gaga on radio clash because its good enough to be more human than human

WARNING: i sing about evil things like demons and humans, and devils, and people, and organized religion, ...I have an excuse I was depressed

the storyline is about a Jehovah witness named odion burebista is the reincarnation of high ranking secret society alchemist from the victorian era named chevalier mathew common, joins the cia becomes involved in mkultra and uses his past life knowledge to open up portals to alternate universes

i lost track of what actual genre of music i play, i think its either gothadelic crunkabilly, or fluffventerous slutwave, or possibly a retrofuturist deconstruction of rock and roll, i like to mix the mellow sounds of soft rock with the mosh pitt agression of hard rock so perhaps i play mosh mellow music[the most delicious genre of music!!]
most people just tell me it sounds like gay music, which confuses me since i am neither exuberantly happy nor a homosexual.

I think I mixed into the music salad at least: 70s prog, space rock, aggrotech, chiptune, witch house, hip hop\rap, rnb soul,, folk, stoner rock, blues, country, bachata, swing, reggae, and other undescernable styles, including downright weirdness, super cheezy stuff, some dark depraved stuff, maybe a hint of metal, basically nothing matches up together but its mixed in anyway

the tags I picked by ROUNDING UP TO THE NEAREST GENRE, I'm my own audience,i'm typically bipolar and will careen from cheesy campy fluff to dark depraved and scary. each of the songs vary widely from each other
basically the formula[besides alternating between multiple genres that i like but keep getting it wrong] is that i combine
all the misanthropy and production value of black metal
all the sexual repression of gregorian chants and christian rock
all the mindf****ery of acid rock and industrial music
all the camp of 60s and 80s pop
all the pygophilia of hip hop\rap
all the pseudo-esoterism of psych and goth
and the vocal range from lou reed and kraftwerk
all the artistic integrity of ed wood and jackson pollock
and all the guitar distortion of pre-grunge era rock unless i use none at all

the main concept of this album is to listen to my own [older] music until i am sick of it so that my new music is either a coherent condensed derivative of my own sound or a reactionary opposite of it, either way works; and then record it and give it away for FREE
but i was distracted from my goal by a tv tropes page called neoclassical punk zydeco rockabilly which does not have any ncpzrb artists at all, unless you count the cramps [according to them]

ALBUM ART INTERPRETATION: in case you need to be spoken down to read this part- yes it is in fact a christmas tree made from the tree of knowledge from the garden of eden with the serpent as the goat serving as the star of Bethlehem and a Virgo and Capricorn symbol to hint that its in December and involves a virgin also i have the px symbols which can also be crossed out upside down 666 noting a rejection of the devil which is elaborated on in tester of faith also venus is eve shes born from a disembodied male part from the primordial man its also a reference to my own album the chakras represent eve having a spontaneous spiritual growth which hints at the idea of the apple giving her enlightenment (which she received from the bringer of light according to some theories). the orange and blue ying yang with ten points is actually based on i wanted to make a great seal for the amoral bio alchemists from my other album but it ended up here. the gender symbol stuff is trickier..... or less.... merry Christmas don't let the krampus get you

this is a concept album so its more storyline program music than singles,
said story line is odrion starts his life as a blank slate and but the events of his early life make him bitter, then he remembers his past life as a Victorian era occultist with the power to remember his past lives and whom killed himself because of the events of his life that made him bitter, then he gets a job in the CIA which was easy since he breezed through college and remembers his old connections from his past life. he works on mk ultra brainwashing though music
and he experiments with his occult powers by creating portals to new worlds, including the one from sacred blue

which is a much better record than this one because that one is about a band from an alternate reality that performs in a made up style{revanant folle} and sings in a magma inspired language{bonyor} and because of this "tie in" you should now blame odrian burebista\mathew common for summoning the demon that sucked out gothy derek's girlfriend's soul which turned her into a passive aggressive sociopath that claimed to still love derek but that only made him more sad, then he went on an epic quest to avenge her but along the way they met new friends and his girlfriend slowly recovered her soul through the power of friendship. but derek did't notice this until she made an emotional response to the climactic battle with the demon that killed off all their new friends and got away unscathed. and then derek had himself commited because he had devolved into shinj ikarii from end of evangelion.

"META SERIES" the unnamed musician from whats a genre that went insane is now retconned as being gothy derek ( which makes you think that he really did meet the devil. and defeat him with the power of rock and roll ushering in a syndicated anarcho commune in the place of purgatory, paradise, limbo and hell?) similarly odrion burebista also met satan but he was heavily disappointed with him when he found out that satan is just a heavenly solicitor attorney that does nothing without god's approval, which is very difficult since it tuns out that the true god is pandeistic,(all of existence itself is god, and it's not listening to you) he also met Jesus whom was the heavenly barrister.' this really makes you wonder: are there 2 satans? one that was kicked out of heaven and a new one that took his old job as celestial solicitor?
also, isn't a barrister a low paying job for jesus? shouldn't he have an office job or something more important to do? NO BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE NEPOTISM, and nepotism is a sin according to somebody possibly? but celestial politics are too complicated for me, apparently{side note} they only have one branch of government [there's no democracy] no wonder gothy derek overthrew the system, being a "spirit world anarcho-communist" and all.

musicians i have been listening to while formulating this music:
j.m.v.d. kieft, alseep at the wheel, radiohead, gentle giant, king crimson, yes, bela fleck and the flecktones, little peggy march, ronny spector and the ronnettes, the shirelles, the drifters, the maccoys, the american breed, cathy denis, fonda rae, ssq\stacy q, company b, la bouche, animotion, gackt, ramm, kyary pamyu pamyu, porno graphitti, hidaeki anno, shiina ringo, Yun*chi, babymetal, girls generation,
ozric tentacles, the beatles, edgar winter group, electric light orchestra ,motorhead, manowar, merciful fate, texas hippie coalition, krewella, capital cities, the neighbourhood, alt j, chvrches, lady gaga, j. cole, Eminem, kanye west, the euryhthmics, the petshop boys, medieval and rennaissance music[mostly estampie\salterello style], soul coughing, diablo swing orchestra, , morphine, xe-none, world\inferno frendship society, rip rig+ panic, helalyn flowers, asphixia, ~▲ †▲ ~, front 242, lords of acid, angelspit, theatre of ice, public image limited, run dmc, 2 live crew, maryjane girls, escape club, taylor dayne, tka, collage, stevie b, and also the trees, project pitchfork, the crystaline effect, animals as leaders, grand masterflash and the furious five, Igor Stravinsky, scarykids scaring kids,, Abacinate, blur, Æthenor, Thrice, the pop group. the birthday party, the cure, siouxsie and the banshees, xmal deutchland, danzig, misfits, rush, usurp the king, bdee, helicopter goes kaboom, random bachata songs[to see what it was about, i ended up not liking it,] random "rock" songs [from a modern rock channel to see what it was about, none of it rocked]


released December 4, 2013



all rights reserved


J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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