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much like the beatles, i started with a concept album, but my mind wandered and i just wrote about what ever i was daydreaming about, which still fits in with the concept anyway because the swadhishthana chakra has many aspects including creativity and daydreaming. also...the cover might scare some people away, and the songs will scare other people away. my musical style is genre-jumping\genre-mixing, so each song is a different style, there are hints of world music, electronic dance styles as well as some steampunk ideas, almost half of the album is instrumental. its DIY and filled with some unusual choices base emphasizing the Y in DIY, but its no more trippy than any of my other stuff. this is my first time using drop tuning and keyboard sounds and acoustic guitars and percussive vocal technques, it suprisingly does not have any love songs at all, and i have written love songs before, the first song is chiptune music...........THINK OF THIS AS A PSYCHADELIC FANTASY with all the usual twists and turns and non-sequitors

the album is not spiritual as it is trippy and though i did meditate and attempt yoga, i mostly daydreamed and decided to record ideas based on my daydreams that years earlier i felt uncomfortable to record so musically there may be a sense of discomfort or overly personal interests that may leave others cringing, though i did somehow get the confidence to put my trippy personal daydreams into song so maybe meditating worked. its almost a new genre- which is almost the intent- its not quite pop music, its not quite surrealist, its not quite rap-rock\ nu-metal, or even real world music.. its just a single person being self indulgent for the sake of self indulgence to hear what it sound like. philosophically it has moments of absurdness, solipsism, and surrealism. which in my opinion does not really exist because its still a product of the conscious, it has esoteric lyrics as well as poking fun at the esoteric through the mundane. it might be semi-divinely inspired and in theory i feel like someone else wrote this music even though I was the vessel that recorded it, and to me it does not sound or feel like me as if i was possessed and something else wanted to record music and I was simply the producer. and it was recorded shortly after an astrological event as well [Venus passing in front of the sun]

the swadhishthana chakra is the vritis of affection, pitilessness, feeling of all-destructiveness, delusion, disdain and suspicion.
its element is water. the build up of energy in this chakra causes the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, it is associated with the unconscious and emotion. its symbol is a crescent which is associated with the moon.

venus is the roman god of love, lust, and physical beauty, she was originally a god of vegetation and fertility but was fused with the Greek god aphrodite, who's birth was the result of the sky god being castrated and his genitalia falling into the sea where it mixed in with the sea foam and aphrodite emerged from the sea fully matured somewhere near Cyprus or Cythera.

song with best production: clockwork atlantis; daedalus verne; creepy jimmy; wet coma

song with the worst production: thongs and thongs, amnesia, poson'd chakra; copper star ocean

music i was listening to while writing: wandering through youtube randomly. u2, metallica, kreator, exhorder, gogol bordello, my bloody valentine, tool, lady gaga, radiohead, electric wizard, ghost, white lies, lords of acid, sheila chandra, ravi shankar, sunn0))) , black eyed peas, nicki minaj, 2 live crew, random funk carioca tracks, culture beat, la bouche, seira kagami, random chiptune songs(mostly 8 bit remixes of songs i already like), abney park, vernian process, misfits, hoccico, j. s. bach as done by tenacious d, africa baambaataa, public image limited, depesche mode, Bauhaus, random dubstep tracks(mostly remixes of songs i already like) apache Indian, roxxette, love and rockets,ram jam, random dark ambient tracks, adam and the ants,


released June 15, 2012



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J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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