Yosef's super awesome bugged​-​out gothadelic semi​-​esoteric world of crazy trippiness and other cool stuff (kitchen sink included)

by J.M.V.D. Kieft

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well i think the title is self explanatory don't you?


the alternate tile in UK is josef's supernatural avant garde fluff-venturous theatre of audio shocking psychedelic violence and other non-sequitors

the alternate tile Europe should be zufälligeSeufzergefühllosprotzigproletarischengelangweiltverwirrtsurrealGeistficken muzik

the Asia\Oceania alternate title should be josef's crazy bizzare vaguely gothic yet vaguely psychedelic kitchen sink of family friendly perversion and other deceptively shiny happy fun stuff

and the alternate title in north America should be "songs recorded by an amateur without any musical direction or production skills whom may in fact be a fictional persona of an eldritch abomination from a parallel universe trying to impose its bizarre morality on us"

acceptable shortened title: josef's gothadelic kitchen sink OR josef's bugged out world of crazy trippiness and other cool stuff

don't bother buying this music, just listen to it then record your own version with good production and pass it off as being done by me

the music on this album is in my own specific to myself style of music that is based on picking and choosing sounds i like and either alternating between them or mixing them together, i'm the Jackson Pollock of progressive rock and post-punk, i throw stuff onto the canvas and hope it sticks. i basically like breaking rules, sometimes i'm closer to the ed wood of prog and alt (I blame it on listening to too much paul mcartney, and having to learn to produce the music myself)
i think of music as something organic and spiritual, if the performance is ugly its basically because the music is deformed and not because its inherently bad, i legitimately don't know if i'm liberal or conservative in my taste in music. i just happen to like certain things and dislike other things, i never cared what "sexual orientation" the song had- many songs i loved had been referred to as being gay by people who mostly listen to music that bores me to tears. i've been told i play too fast by people who love the slowest songs i've ever heard. so certain opinions I have no respect for, Yes i do prefer energy over skill level, sometimes the best musicians are the most boring,

life story time- i grew up in the early 90s i loved oldies music and classic rock, synthpop, and all the cheesy European dance music of the time and i had many misconceptions like anything with distortion was heavy metal and that "rhythm and blues" and "rock and roll" were STILL the same genre (well they were in the 50s), around 1997 the 90s abruptly ended {that's right the 90s only lasted 8 years, 1989-1997} when mtv and vh1 switched from playing stuff i liked to playing oeber-chill hip hop rnb, oeber-compressed screaming nu metal, and more hardcore styles of rap, and more cringe causing pop, and i decided to spend the next 7 years listening to nothing but the Beatles, queen and creedence clearwater revival. [the only real exception is video game music, (which would include rob zombie because of his involvement the twisted metal series), and anime music ] then in highschool i started slowly getting into new music again, then i went through phases where i would like a specific genre for months at a time from metal then to breakup music then to electronic dance music then to post-punk and goth then to anime music then to miami bass and latin freestyle[ aka real electro as opposed to that european house music style].
as such i never was around for the war between glam and grunge or the war between progressive rock and punk. or the war between dance music and rock music, my view is that music goes through 3 phases or waves.
1) underground formative phase with lots of awesome stuff, it also includes bands that are not considered part of the genre but outgrowths of older ones
2) the commercial breakthrough where the laymen develop their concept of the genre and its still true to the sound then finally
3) the watered down bandwagon poseur scene based around what the commercially successful songs sound like regardless of what the rest of the songs by the same band may sound like- this period also includes former underground bands following the newer bands mistakenly thinking the 3rd wave is part of the movement
therefore i have no problem liking both Ratt and Nirvana while disliking Bon jovi, and Stone temple pilots. i always thought of grunge being too reactionary to glam to be a separate genre[more like getting bored with what you were doing, then doing the opposite] and there was more of a transition in sound in the underground , [green river, king's x, saigon kick, and guns and roses, kind of had hybrid glam\grunge sounds] its the media that tried to hold onto something watered down that was suddenly caught off guard by better music that they decided to pull the old chess cheat "look over there!" and flip over alternative with mainstream, [the jokes on you both glasses of wine had poison in them] the problem with glam is that- besides the WTF moment of seeing what they looked like- was that "Hollywood: the media ruler" decided to push its own local rock scene through mtv and it was emulated and overexposed and devolved into wall of noise ballad music, but then again the same exact thing happens to grunge 5 years later plus its not like those were the only genres to dress up or dress down,
My own controversial theory about "real 1st wave grunge" is that technically it is a form of metalcore- in the late 80s all the hardcore punk scenes started to die out because the genre is too limited so they hybridized their sound with heavy metal, in new york bands- like the cromags -mixed it with thrash metal but others like the seattle scene mixed it with doom metal to become both grunge and sludge metal. [so both are could be considered doomcore but back then adding core to everything wasn't a trend yet]-but the theology of the scene was to be the alternative to glam so that meant that it appealed to former glam bands such as alice in chains
meanwhile i was busy singing along to erasure and the Eurythmics songs in the car with my aunt. and listening to my uncle complain about how the best rock songs were from the 50s, 60s and early 70s, and that modern country sounded more like rock music than modern rock music did to him, he was in a band with his brother (so its 2 of my maternal uncles), and a childhood friend, and my father- who was supposed to be the drummer but infighting and personal issues -like being a father to a young child -caused the recordings to not have him but a different drummer. that band kind of was 2 bands based on which of the 2 brothers sang, one wanted them to be more like a melodic 80s synth beatles\pink floyd type band with jangly guitars and christian spiritual allusions, the other brother wanted the band to be like a gothic punk version of the rolling stones meets Arthur brown. and they would record separate versions of the same song, one melodic and one screaming, the only song they both got along on with was almost bon jovi leaning and must have been written 5 or so years earlier (when bon jovi style harmonies and guitars were big) and it was out of sync with what they were doing otherwise

in my musicianship i went for guitar lessons and learned basic blues structure, scales, and some 7th chords and i would bring in cds and have them transposed into tableture. it took me a long time to learn to play by ear in fact i was partly tone deaf originally and it took me over 20 years to develop an ear for music. the music i attempted to learn to play was mostly the #1 hits by the Beatles, and Metallica from the 2nd and 3rd album, and pink Floyd and led zeppelin. i attempted to lean to play jazz and classical but i did not have the patience for it, i attempted to learn to play the piano but it is really hard for my fingers to act arrhythmical which is needed for anything that is syncopated. similarly i cant play riffs while singing i need to strum simple chords otherwise i either forget the words or the riff while my brain attempts to change the melodies to match. i also couldn't learn to follow sheet music because of slight dyslexic tendencies. i'm an improviser not a technician. they're both legitimate styles. one can play the same solo each time identically and one can play a solo differently each time. i had one guitar teacher that had some interesting ideas that i liked: you should't make fun of forms of music unless you can play them so anyone should be able to make fun of green day because its just the same 4 chords over and over. and power chords were essentially castrated chords because the have no gender[major, minor]. i guess i realized any music i played would be crazy like Arthur brown rather than normal like "what ever" those people that refer to music they hate as "not heterosexual" are listening to when i was listening to music that was literally gay[like Judas priest, queen, erasure, and elton john, and little richard],.....
......and also crazy stuff Arthur brown . meanwhile the radio was playing annoying stuff that nobody but my sister liked [and only for the first 100 rotations] so i think of the radio as younger sister music.
I actually love the sound of acoustic guitars so when in the late 80s the distortion level and compression level turned the guitar music into mud that I could not tell what chords they were playing and rock music changed into a making a wall of sound rather than playing riffs, chord progressions and solos, I gave up on rock music,
but in (non-black) heavy metal they treat guitars a certain way like they are aware of the limitations that distortion adds so they shape the music 's timbres rather than trying to playing it like an acoustic instrument while hoping for the best, so I liked certain heavy metal bands that knew what they were doing, it really wasn't until retro rock became a big thing that I was getting back into new rock music, in my mind guitars don't need distortion to be rock, they don't even need effects, but I love reverb and delay, probably from all the surf music and new wave I grew up listening to,
for some crazy reason my dislike of over-compressed rock music that was coming out because of the loudness wars, and also because every new pop rock song seamed to be a power ballad, even the good pop rock songs like "all around me" by flyleaf were over compressed wall of sound power ballads, i decided i would only practice unplugged even if the song was creeping death by Metallica, and im naturally soft spoken so i couldn't play any scream based rock music... then what type of music do you think was the popular form of rock to be played by everyone? ....screamo! [ wow i correctly predicted the next style of rock by playing the opposite] so obviously my new goal is to invent a new genre of music, one for me to play in and be comfortable while the other living genres were off branching into territories im not going to follow them into. so i started looking up genres of music online and i came across some stuff i wasn't into at all and some stuff i liked alot.

if this was a concept album the concept would be concepts, because i had a bunch of ideas that i wanted to do but i didn't know how to develop them so this this is my attempt to finish up certain projects. i don't know which of my albums would be the best. this is probably the worst based on the idea that younger people make exciting music and once you've recorded lots of music you'll lose touch with what made you a good musician in the first place. a lot of my emotional feeling during this time period was the worry that because im older my music will eventually fade from exciting attempts lofi weirdness with a disregard for how camp, how depraved, how morbid, how complex, or how simple, to being adult contemporary music. basically by decade 4 recording artists are done, 90s rolling stones they were officially, too old. and Metallica is now in the same boat, after a certain point it gets sad, [especially with the Lou reed\metallica album as an example] and i wrote this music with my fear of eventual loss of youthful awesomeness although in the cases of metallica and the rolling stones they all have a bunch of duds in their 2nd decades and occasional good stuff in decade 3. and i thought rush had some good stuff on their latest album (C.A.) in decade 5. also for this album I directly plagiarized music that I heard in my dreams while attempting to summon music into my dreams but its okay because those songs copied parts of some of my earlier songs,
thematically it fits between ;p and nosebleed music mostly with a general "take that audience feeling" and genre whiplash but It kind of has more of an "ask me what it means" vibe but I actually don't care if people don't get my symbolism since I mostly come up with my symbols to finish the songs since that's what I tend to write about rather than, the punky "help I'm being oppressed" although I do occasionally write the "I love you I miss you" song, [which is actually a lyric I used in a tongue in cheek manner on a different set list].
if its really important to you and you can hear what I'm saying you could always just try to look up the specific symbols but the way symbols work is they have to be interpreted by the individual otherwise your reading somebody else's fortune.
okay here's one hint, song 2 I'm saying "you keep on saying you know what I know" but then I have strewn about a number of weird scenarios putting the you from that song to the test, with songs 5, 8, 9 , being the most out there and songs 4,6, and 7 being the most down to earth strait forward, and 2, 3, and maybe the edges of 4 sort of being halfway
usually I like to follow the typical 70s album oriented rock style length for them because that's the length I can stand myself, many albums today would be considered double albums back then, and some albums back then would be considered EPs [here's an anecdote, I actually did own a cassette that was made up of 2 albums by the same band on either side and of course as you would expect album 1 was better]

to a certain degree this is really 3 separate things, an album(or EP) some bonus tracks I wrote and recorded later (1,10-15)plus an instrumental concept piece, which one should not listen to for enjoyment but as an experimental program exhibit (yes I'm that pretentious) I just thought the idea was trippy but I didn't really know how to pull it off so in a way its incomplete, but because its improvised I cant really ever finish it
the concept of colours is what happens when synesthesia and transience collide with exhaustion and not knowing how to add counterpoint to improvised chromatics, the result is kind of like if Bernard Herrmann attempting an industrial psychedelic rock noh play had to hire a new drummer at the last second so the rest of the ensemble watched as the musicians created a train wreck and then he removed his name from the project like David lynch making dune

credits- Josef: electric guitar; electric bass; keyboard; keyboard drums; drum machine programing; engineering, production; percussion; vocals;
mixing; [don't worry -I'll get it right one of these days]

what type of music was i listening to that may have effected what i played here?

hot 97(because CBS FM plays too much billy Joel and not enough Sam the sham and the pharaohs) Shikao Suga, Yota Tsuruoka, Asuka Ookura. Megumi Nakajima, azusa, itou sayaka, kyary pamyu pamyu, kesha, icona pop, paramore, macklemore, bruno mars[but not his first album, that one sucked] joe jackson, the nitty gritty dirt band, Robert Johnson, cream, bob Marley, scott joplin, angelspit, front 242, frontline assembly, alien vampires, spk, throbbing gristle, brian eno, device, lords of acid, cirith ungol, pentagram, shrinebuilder, ghost b.c., electric wizard, the fireballs, the chameleons, xmal Deutschland, theatre of ice, the beatles, little richard, paul simon, Steppenwolf, the rolling stones, pink floyd, foreigner, yes, emerson lake and palmer, rush, kansas, the doors, led zeppelin, diamond head, saxon, pantera, iron maiden,ac/dc, the ramones, the talking heads, boston, queensryche w\ la torre, queensryche w\ tate ., random chiptunes and video game music[favs are sonic 3 and thunder force 3] 2 unlimited, la bousche, culture beat, technotronic, nero, bassnectar, the xx, Abney park, daft punk, mc luscious, company b, debbie deb, cathy dennis, newcleus billy idol, eddie money, pat benatar, joan jett, ozric tentacles,hawkwind, motorhead, oingo boingo, love and rockets, the cure, the cult, siouxsie and the banshees, rob zombie, the proclaimers bad musical movies[les miserables and rock of ages, gigi]


released April 24, 2013



all rights reserved


J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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