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this is a semi-concept album, it does have an implied story line where a love lorn preacher(that i'm implying is a freemason) with a haunted past dies in a blizzard outside of his cabin (which he takes a train to get to) and sees visions of various monsters at his moment of death. he is remembering his past from the afterlife. musically each song gets steadily darker and more metallic, starting and ending with instrumental acoustic songs.

i think its kind of gothic in the sense that it mixes horror with romance because there are love songs and songs about monsters and death and manipulation. but at this point in time I never really was not aware of goth music and listened to grunge, metal and blues instead. but i dont think this is a metal album, mostly because only certain songs have metal influences, others are not. and I later realized that i lacked the agression to vocally pull off hard rock and metal music, i prefer to sing low key. i think the album is a single long song like how pink floyd albums are kind of like a single song. track 1 is the instrumental opening, tracks 2-4 are the slow build up, tack 5 is the bridge, track 6 is the guitar solo, tracks 7-10 are the epic conclusion and track 11 is the resolution and epilogue where it musters out, the list of supernatural entities i sing about are as followed in no particular order: ghosts, denizens of purgatory, angels/seraphim, werewolves, trippy looking witches, pothead elves, the erlking[grim reaper\elf king], spirits, gods beneath the earth, grave risen skeletons, clergymen, an unspecified "we"

basically the closest thing to a program for the plot is that, a girl is under mind control and subjected to something that changes her, partly a metaphor for the media and what men expect of women regardless of personal free will and self image, but implying the outside creation of that self image. a couple are in the afterlife, together in one sense but also separated creating a bitter sweetness, and then the realization of the loss of something or some one. its my voice so your assuming its the guy who at this point is identified as romeo. then suddenly hes on a train and is revealed to be a preacher. the number 706 is actually a reference to 666 since its 6 passed 660, or 7 o clock. he has to get away from the city because of its corrupting force. .. well obviously there is a corrupting force- a girl was just put under mind control. he also has to deal with fate because he tried to save an unspecified them, but was not allowed. and [i originally was thinking of having some type of time travel thing going on] maybe you can interpret it as hes going through a "its a wonderful life" or" a Christmas carol" where he is outside of time and cant interact with anything. maybe hes dead by this point and seeing his life gone by, maybe this is the train to the afterlife. he sees the girl who he loves but she does not recognize him.maybe because shes brainwashed? then suddenly there's a blizzard where i decided he dies here. one way could be walking to his cabin in the woods. because that would be a nice atmosphere since suddenly the Germanic grim reaper entity known as the erlking shows up and is the embodiment of death, and is the king of the elves, and all the elves are stoned and vaguely satanic and pagan. and partying and having a good time, but its scary. then he sees a trippy looking witch with bright magenta red skin who represents lust and. then he sees a vision of angels. but they arent little cupid type angels but there seraphs, who are often seen as a head in the center with many many wings, or maybe they take the for of a living fireball like a small star\sun with a halo and wings created by its illumination and radiation, and they represent destruction for the sake of order. they are vaguely free masonic, and are the brimstone and fire and vengeance of the almighty YHVH. then his next post-mortal vision is werewolves, representing fear and hopelessness. i actually did not write these lyrics about werewolves but i played guitar on the original performance. it was a 9 year old me and my younger cousin, and i only remembered the chorus. the original guitar part was my first ever guitar riff. open strings which were rhythmically stopped by my hands, so it was like acoustic djent before djent existed,. the final song is sort of a green-sleeves-ish waltz, and its the close and it can be interpreted as resting in peace or maybe the preacher is finished in purgatory and finally went to heaven, forgiven for his sins, which may have included brainwashing women. or what i did that i'm using this as a metaphor for to deal with my own psychosis.

songs with best production: endless winter; brainwashed girl; frozen star; magenta witch;

songs with worst production: your not there; 706 train; midnight; romeo and juliet's lament in purgatory

music i was litening to implicity at the time of the writing: sadows fall, metallica, celtic frost, venom; nothingface, diecast, sarah maclachlain, neil young, nirvana, alice in chains, u2, chicago, beatles, jeff beck group featuring rod stewart, portishead, cascada, rob zombie, the doors, pink floyd, the goo goo dolls, the bee gees, system of a down, , god forbid, heaven shall burn, jethro tull, cream, rush, black sabbath, marylin manson, the clash, wings, tom petty, jimi hendrix, marvin gaye, diana ross, the offspring, the darkness, the thompson twins, the nitty gritty dirt band, gregorian chant music of the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. ravi shankar, yes, boston, foreigner, kansas, red hot chilli peppers, rush, dead can dance, Ac/Dc, stevie ray vaughan, led zeppelin, johnny winter, soulfly, cradle of filth, cannibal corpse, dragonforce,


released May 4, 2012



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J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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