the color of the sky is blue

by J.M.V.D. Kieft

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this set list is a mish-mash of different concepts ranging from retro to surreal, as well as current-ish trends such as faux-dubstep, it is technically rock music but every song is a different mixture including electronic music. its a weird combination of keeping tradition and breaking tradition. it is almost like a continuation of all the other set lists i've done with tracks 13 and 14 are literally made out of 3 songs left off of the recurring dream. tracks1, 2, 6,8,9,10 share sensibilities with ;p and tracks1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, share sensibilities with recurring dream/fun infestivies. track 3 is based on a lost song which i did not write lyrics nor the chord progression that goes along with the lyrics yet, and is probably the oldest song on the album if you factor that in,
track 12 is technically 4 songs in a row. like a single piece of music but with movements...... but basically none of the songs belong in the same genre or decade.

the album cover is made up of photographs where the sky is a color other than blue because i couldn't pick just one. it is supposed to contrast the title which claims that the color of the sky is blue. one idea for a cover would have been a minimalist black foreground with a house and trees with a setting sun causing the sky to display every color in existence with the closest to the sun being the red sunset and the opposite side being the indigo of the oncoming night which is in my opinion can be equal to the sun set at times. the current artwork is checkerboard patterned because of the 4 pictures i picked i noticed it went good together like that

to a certain degree my writing style is to play darts in my head and pick a style of music, sometimes a single song can be written with multiple metaphorical darts landing in different areas of the music board. but i can't ever be true to a single genre. it is especially corrupted by what ever my mood is, which can alternate between esoteric and stoic, or absurd and ridiculous, or sorrowful and mourning, or Freudian psycho-sexual and deviant.[ because those are the 4 "emotions" that i "can" express]
its also corrupted by the fact that i listen to a LOT of music and it ALL blends together after a while and my taste in music is my own. i love stuff that other people may hate or may also love. its all relative, i just hope in my case you look passed to production value. to give you an idea of what my mind set was i will like usual list the music i've been listening to, because the music you listen to changes the music you play regardless of the style your proficient at and in strange ways as well
another part of my personal style is that i have a disdain for choruses (and the over use of the strophic form in general) and try to avoid them but compensate with repetition but i went through a j-rock phase and decided that i am fine with pre-choruses as well as choruses. and i also through punk and pop influence leave out guitar solos in many of my songs even though i love guitar solos, and i compensate with instrumental tracks which are basically the solos disembodied from the other tracks, also i like to experiment with sounds and have produced some super lo-fi strain of electronic experimental ambient types of music and have Incorporated that influence into my music,

i have noticed trends in my personal style besides the need for either a good producer or better production skills- i mostly alternate between retro-ism and experimental-ism which can include present sounds,or some variation of them, besides alternation I also like blending, to the point that i don't ever play the same thing twice even if i try to copy myself, I really have trouble coming up for a label for my self,
the labels that I have used to describe my music,is usually: LO FI, D.I.Y. {because of im doing it by myself with no one to help or correct me} or GENRE MIX and KITCHEN SINK because i just blend everything together, EXPERIMENTAL because of the last two reasons, BUGGED because a friend of mine listening to the crazier side of my music said it was bugged when asked him what genre this belongs to, FLUFF-VENTUROUS because of an inside joke where i said that men prefer progressive adventurous music like dream theater and women like popular fluff like justin beiber, I listen to neither what does that make me: , " fluffventurous" which is a portmanteau of adventurous fluff , and i LMFAO during the coining of the term.
another joke genre i might consider myself is SLUTWAVE and\or SLUTCORE because of my promiscuous move from genre to genre rather than settling down with one specific one, because that would bore me horribly
RETRO because i like older music that i used to listen to and occasionally still do, but its more rare these days since i've overplayed stuff like elvis presly, leslie gore, carl perkins, little richard, and chuck berry so much i hardly listen to that any more but its still in my subconscious, and i like all older music and prefer older sounding things than what ever pop radio is brainwashing the kids to like.and sometimes PSYCHOBILLY because its more of a subversion than a true retrospect
i've used the term GOTHADELIC because i tend to like psychadelic rock and gothic rock, and they both influence me, but i can never be completely dark or completely trippy. and i think gothadelic sounds cool, its better than spungelton any way[space, grunge, metal, reggaeton] lol i also love mind-F types of media like 12 monkeys, donnie darko, event horizon, blue velvet, neon genesis evangelion, serial experiment laine, paranoid agent, jacobs ladder, the non-film silent hills which is mixing dark with trippy, and though i do wander i have done some dark psych rock type songs.
ive refered to myself as POST-PUNK and POST-INDUSTRIAL because i like post punk music and post punk garage rock revival bands as well, and i want to jump on the bandwagon and be almost a post-punk revival-revival later after it goes away, and industrial, because of the "experimental dark psych diy lo fi" stuff i just talked about, i have used industrial techniques such as using glitches, feedback, and putting effects on everything including drum machines, vocals, keyboards, bass and guitars. although real industrial music is something that i doubt i will ever play unless you are liberal enough to count certain scattered things i've done, but by those standards the beatles' white album is just as industrial as my music
i've tried to consider myself POST-METAL but i'm post metal in a different and almost opposite reason than the actual post-metal scene is post metal. but i am influenced by heavy metal of all the different sub-sub-sub genres, i prefer the nwobhm, and some thrash, and some stoner, and some metalcore, i've moved away from metalcore and i'm more into doom and groove, [which i believe is referred to as "dunn" by people who listen to "djent", lol], I can't listen to more than 20 minutes of grindcore because my ADD kicks in and i want to hear something else. i try to purposely stay away from playing metal because i dont want to get in the middle of a bunch of snobs fighting over whether or not it is metal, because you can't please people who listen to metal because they all have different standards as to what can or can't be metal, so instead i'll just call myself post metal and play surrealist jazz or play around with effects on my bass to mimic chiptune-dubstep sounds, also I don't think metal has moved away from rock enough to be its own genre, if anything rock has been corrupted by metal and has tried to keep up with it to the point that there are bands that play slowed down metalcore with high production values and call it rock music when real rock and roll should sound like 3 women with bee hive hairdos singing in a malt shop. lol actually the origins of rock and roll can be traced back to the early 20th century, and the 50's style known as rock and roll is a commercial continuation of much older trends in american music. and its really the british who were playing "rock" rock music, by taking american music and adding aggression and new technology, and the British variant mutated into heavy metal almost immediately. but its the metal snobs that keep running away from earlier things called metal and letting rock get the credit for it. so basically i'm saying: don't get me started on grunge! and i'm done with my explanation of why I call myself post-metal.
i've called myself PROG because i am suprisingly prog considered the short leangth of my songs. im playing in my own strain of PROG where i play shorter songs because of my love of oldies where every song is 2 minutes long, also punk is very influenced by oldies and i like older punk, so actually im more post-punk, or new wave leaning- in a way i am kind of new wave, i grew up listening to a lot of prog and new wave. its the variation in sounds that appeals to me. and if you think about it there are certain bands like led zeppelin and the cure that played so many different sounds but are mostly lumped together with their own copycats that focused on their idol's more popular stuff. i've also done a number of instrumental peices which is a staple of prog bands. and i've tried to have all my "albums" have concepts, for instance the "concept" for this album is....uh lets see? there is a number of songs about things to fear -real or imagined- and songs about shutting yourself in and regressing, and shortsighted behavior. so the concept must be 'fear and ignorance leading to more fear and ignorance'?
or maybe its about some one that sees monsters and becomes a shut-in when their friends die in a park and they meet an eastern european cybergoth chick and go dancing at a club with her at some point? that can work right? there are also some "meta" stuff mostly in statement titles and a theme of awareness-or lack of. the subject matter is kind of prog-ish.all of my songs have a concept to them, and some of the songs on this album can fit in with each other. but it still has a mish-mash vibe to it.
i have on certain occasions mixed in elements of HIP HOP and\or ELECTRO, but i'm white so i guess its TRIP HOP and ELECTRO-NIC BODY MUSIC by default, which i prefer to over most rap anyway
I've considered myself POST-ALT because i believe the term alternative is outdated and had lost its meaning in the 90s when all the alt bands from the 80s became pop bands and all the 80s pop bands broke up. real alt should reffer to a period during which a band is not mainstream and NOT the style of music they play. and i hate the term "alt-pop" '(its an oxymoron'). im coming after the alternative music of the 90s which i am influenced by, but i think the 00s were the worst time period of music with the exception that i liked a lot of bands which were retro bands from the revival scenes. but i did not like any of the pop music of that decade so any music i played would have to be alternative by default, i am not affiliated with the so called post-rock scene, but i do play styles of music that are influenced by rock that are really too far removed from what many people consider rock, especially the tracks i made with more effects, samples, loops, and synth parts. i rarely ever use midi with the exception of some drum parts. i consider myself first and formost a guitarist because its my best instrument. that i played the longest [if you don't count how i sang along to creedence clearwater revival, tom petty, queen, erasure, the b-52s and the beatles on the radio as a young child making my throat my primary instrument]

speaking of genres, if there is a rock music and a metal music is there also a water music a fire music, and a wood music,

this is kind of a semi-concept album, the concept is that i was feeling nostalgic for the 90s and 80s when i grew up so i purposely tried to get into my older mindset, but i was mostly distracted by my current self who listens to a lot more hip-hop than i ever did before, and i think the dark trippy stuff on this set list might be darker and trippier than i've been so far, its all over the place in my usual time traveller mentallity

i think its very interesting to note what music i listen to and contrast it to the style i write in since i am not really writing in those styles of music
but rather stuff i had decided to write based on my own choices many of which were based in nostalgia. this is mostly a setlist based on nostalgia with some experimentation with newer stuff thrown in. a prevalent theme in this music is my tongue in cheek manner in which i play the music and write since i know that it is not the real version of the style of music that will ever please the hardcore fan and im just exploiting it because i enjoy it, and its a form of flattery. so i am trying to flatter someone who will never appreciate it, and that is called casting pearls before swine, which i also realize and therefor am doing begrudgingly because i really don't believe in genres and scenes [though i admit in the existence of styles which i think is more about personality.] genres and scenes are about a lack of style and about conservative thinking. im a libertarian in mindset and am therefore against conservative thought. i am a one man scene, and my own target audience, and i flip the bird at my own listeners. especially in the sense of production which i have no sense of....which pisses me off because i want the music to sound good but i'd rather settle for what i come up with because i have no patience for it. all of my music is done in one take, unless i feel it sucks so much that i end up leaving it off the album only to rerecord it later

songs with the best production: gothadelic sex monsters;thugs in a park

songs with the worst production: turned around in circles;realization of discretion;the whitest song ever;eve; Adam; Jesus;

Music i was listening to while writing-besides my own music [ for tracks 3, 13 and 14 the list on the recurring dream applies]:
bat for lashes, Zola Jesus, the cure, johnny cash, Lou reed, nine inch nails, kraftwerk, christian death, the Beatles, switchblade symphony, depesche mode, nicki minaj, grand master flash, dead can dance, lords of acid, black eyed peas, splack pack, ini kamoze, duran duran, 69 boys, 2 live crew ,de falla, pitbull, redOne, lady gaga, khia, digital underground, tears for fears, fine young cannibals, erasure, Paula Abdul, David Bowie, midnight oil, belinda carlisle, taylor dayne, Rapid Eye Movement, salt N peppa, enigma, en vogue, la bouche, 2 unlimited, LMFAO, sweet, slade, t rex, krokus, poison, ratt, enuff Z nuff, gary glitter, dokken, buck cherry, chuck berry, portishead, Ronnie specter, Lou Christie, ben e king , maxine nightingale, gary pucket and union gap, yoko takahashi,j geils band, adam and the ants, Ellie goulding, random dark psytrance mixes, medieval and renaissance music, dresden dolls, djano reinhart, donovan, sleep, kiss, iron maiden, tool, pantera,discharge, the misfits, danzig, rage against the machine, tuvan throat singing,


released September 29, 2012



all rights reserved


J.M.V.D. Kieft New York, New York

records music from his home with "amature" production, has musical A.D.D and must jump from genre to genre but grew up listening to mostly pop music from the 60s, 80s, and early 90s, , has studied privately with instructors on guitar playing and has occassionally attempted to play various other instruments, I compensate for my "xtra lo fi-ness" with weirdness ... more

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